A downloadable ArcaneOps for Windows

The purpose of ArcaneOps is to bring players from all around the world together and create competition. Players are encouraged to make friends and dominate clans together or alone and experience the true potential of what ArcaneOps has to offer. ArcaneOps includes the following games modes and weapons; TDM, FFA, CTF and 1 weapon per weapon type. Certain events will be held every month or so to give away prizes. It might be some OP weapon or XP, who knows? Extra measures will be taken to keep player data secure and keep the game hack free. Every game value will be encrypted.

ArcaneOps is still under development. More features are added on every release.

Need help? Got concerns/ comments? Reach us out on our discord or email us:



Install instructions

Just extract the rar file anywhere on your computer. Run ArcaneOps.exe

It uses default controls, WSAD, C to crouch, R to reload, Tab for scoreboard,

Esc for settings, M to change class, Medkit option -> H, Ammokit -> J


v2.1.7.rar 305 MB